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ProMOx2 was the second edition of the Workshop on Prospects on Magnetic Oxides thin films and heterostructures, whose first edition (ProMOx 1) was held in Versailles, France, in 2002. The first edition was focused on interface magnetism and on magneto-transport in films and heterostructures of magnetic oxides.

Following the development over the past two years of studies of some new families of multifunctional magnetic oxides, ProMOx 2 has been devoted to diluted magnetic semiconducting oxides, multiferroics and oxide half-metals.

Promox 2 was held from April 20 to 22, 2005, in Fontevraud, France. The workshop took place in a XIIth century abbey located in the Loire valley, famous for its Renaissance castles. The number of participants was strictly limited to 80 persons and accommodation was provided inside the abbey, to create a peaceful working atmosphere, suitable for scientific exchange.

The workshop started on Wednesday April 20 afternoon and ended on Friday April 22 after lunch ( program details).


Update : 2005-04-27